Wichtig is active in the fields of clinical medicine and bioengineering. Specializing in areas such as nephrology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, and biomaterials we have extensive contacts in these specialties which can allow you to deliver your message to the audience of your choice.

We offer a variety of advertising options:


Print advertising is an effective way of building brand awareness and is valued by our expert audiences, especially those received as part of a society package.

We can offer:

  • Black and white and full colour advertisements
  • Prime positions which can be booked in advance
  • Bound inserts, bands and loose inserts


  • Online advertising: Is featured in every journal website, advertisements feature on main, contents and article pages. Reach readers whilst they access our trusted online content.
  • Email alerts: We offer sponsored email alerts with high open and click-through rates. Reach active, interested readers around the globe who register to receive information from their favourite journal, or news in their specialist area.

Please contact our advertising specialist via to establish your company needs.